How Direct Sales Saved My Life

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Have you ever taken an opportunity and second guessed your decision the whole time? That’s how I felt about being a stay at home Mom. I knew I wanted to be home for my kids but I didn’t know if it was the smartest financial decision we have made. When I learned about direct sales, I took a chance and that is when direct sales saved my life.

Almost 10 years ago, I became a Mom. At that point, I became a stay at home mom. I was elated to be home with my son. To watch him grow, be there with him when he said his first word, and took his first step and climbed the stairs. I got to see it all! It was amazing. During this time, I was also the money manager. Not only did I get to watch my son grow, I also got to question every moment I was home with him. I questioned if I should be home with him because our finances were so incredibly tight. 

So I started looking for opportunities for me to earn money that was flexible with my time. That’s when I was invited to my first direct sales party. I went and I watched the girl sell jewelry to a room full of women who were having wine and having a good time. I’m not going to lie, I loved it! I loved how she looked, I loved what she said and I loved how confident she was in herself. I left there thinking could I really do that?! A few weeks later, I made the commitment and joined the direct sales company and it saved my life.

What is direct sales?

If you aren’t familiar with direct sales, they are companies where you earn straight commission. You generally sell a product. The product is either part of your inventory or it is shipped by the company. The products can be anything from make up, to essential oils, to leggings. 90 percent of the sales force is usually women. These women have to figure out how to sell the product. Either through parties, or events like a bazaar, or a conference that has a market place. A little fun fact, 80% of the women in the United States who earn a 6 figure salary, earn it through direct sales.

I spoke to my husband about it and he was surprised I would even consider selling jewelry. Even though he was a skeptic, he said to give it a try. So I did! I sold jewelry for 5 years. It helped our bottom line and it helped me to have confidence in myself. To this day I look at every direct selling company and their product and wonder if I could be behind that product.

The Mind Shift

You need to understand that during those 5 years, I had a mind shift happen. I didn’t just go from being a SAHM, I became an entrepreneur. I stopped selling jewelry because the company filed bankruptcy. But I haven’t stopped being an entrepreneur. I am constantly looking for another avenue to earn money for our family and for that one thing that drive me. After the jewelry company, I started with another direct sales company and I did well with them. Then I prayed for a job that was a little more stable and would pay me a base and not straight commissions. That is when a job opened up to work as a Virtual Assistant. I have been a VA for 2 years now and I have loved the flexibility it gives me! The best part, I am contributing to the bottom line in our family.

How do you know if you are an entrepreneur

I didn’t realize I was an entrepreneur until I started to have some really big dreams. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to be big dreamers. They are self motivated, creative and visionaries with a fierce drive to pursue their passion. There is an inner drive that pushes them forward. Once I started thinking I would love to be able to work from anywhere, the door to self employment opened. I started thinking I would love to be able to earn money from home and the various places I wanted to travel, it was hard to stop dreaming.  I wanted to be able to do that without having to work full time, at a desk, that’s 30-60 minutes from my house, on a good day when the weather is perfect.


Going back to work to a 40 hour a week job gave me anxiety. I couldn’t imagine how I would get everything done. Not to mention commuting to work and then commuting home. Oh, don’t forget taking the kids to their after school activities, how was that going to get done? The idea of going back to work scared me to death. The only part that I thought I could embrace were the work hours. I thought having actual work hours would give me added structure.

The learning.

I learned so much while being in direct sales. I learned about customer service, profits and loss, return on investments, accounting and keeping track of spending and milage. It was so fulfilling. I still view a 9-5 job as a place where I would do the same thing day in and day out.


Figuring out your niche and what you are passionate about is where you have to begin when you feel like there has to be something more to life. I originally thought my passion was my kids, then when I started direct sales, I realized my passion is being able to earn a full time income without working 9-5.


Know your WHY

There’s a phrase that is used in the direct sales industry: Know Your Why. The premise behind it is for you to know exactly why you are selling and booking parties. For some people it was so they could have an exit strategy to get out of corporate work. Others it was so they could stay home with their children and contribute to their bottom line. For some it was so they could earn vacation money. The point is you have to know exactly what is driving you and why you want to do it. For me, my why is to be able to continue to be home for my family and still bring home an income.

Invest in yourself!

The single most important thing I did during my time in direct sales was when I invested time and money into learning how to be better. There were action steps I was taught and I was able to utilize them in both my home life and work. So, if there is a conference or an online class you want to take, do it! Learn! Learn about that thing that drives you. When you fuel that passion, your whole life will revolve around it!

Go to the party

The next time you are invited to one of those parties that is selling baskets, or jewelry, or jeans or lipstick or essential oils, go. Go to the party. Go and watch the lady selling it. Watch her chase her dreams of earning an income that allows her the flexibility she needs for her life. When she is all done, encourage her, tell her she is admirable for going against the grain and having passion to pursue an unconventional way of earning money.


If I still can’t convince you to go to the party, then you need to go search the web and see what it is that fuels you. Maybe it’s not working a 9-5, maybe it’s working in missions. Or it’s working with teenagers at a youth club or youth group. Maybe it’s working with single mom’s. Or maybe it’s writing and starting a blog; which, by the way, I think is the best decision I have made and I would love to help you get started! If it’s starting a blog, I have tutorial here on how to start a blog. Everyone has a passion, we just have to help each other discover it.


Finally, I want to encourage you to think about it. Working for yourself is hard work. It takes dedication and commitment. It is scary to take the leap and say I am not like everyone else and chase your dream. I have to tell you, not everyone is going to support you and some people may mock you, but it can be done. If you get hurt by someone feel free to email me and tell me all about it! I would love to hear from you! 



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