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19 gifts for female entrepreneurs {she REALLY wants}

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Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do and I love receiving gifts that I can actually use daily. Since I am asked all the time what gifts I would like I figured I would write a post about the best gifts for female entrepreneurs.

I think people get hung up on the word entrepreneur. When people realize you work for yourself, it seems like they don’t know what to get you. But we like the same things everyone else likes, we just use them differently.

This list of creative gift ideas can be used for all sorts of occasions for your favorite businesswoman. You could this list as a holiday gift guide or even a mother’s day gift guide too.

These great gift ideas will be a blessing for your favorite women entrepreneurs and new business owner. She will fell so loved and encouraged by your support of her business.

Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs

Growth and Personal Development

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a personal development routine. We are going to start the gift list off with some of the best tools for mindset growth. This is the perfect gift and my personal favorite, I know I use these every single day.

Audible Subscription

The Audible subscription has been life-changing for me. The app I use the most is on my phone. I started listening to audiobooks a few years ago when I realized I wasn’t reading as much as I used to. The Audible subscription has helped me to start learning again.

Audible Gift Memberships

Some of the downsides of audiobooks are the people who read the books. Sometimes a reader is hard to listen to and I have returned the book because of that. It’s easy to return and the customer service is excellent.


A Kindle is a great gift for any entrepreneur who loves to read. I love my Kindle Paperwhite with the Kindle Unlimited.

Along with the Audible subscription, the Kindle subscription is just as important. Some books aren’t available on Audible so you have to read them. I personally like to read the book on Kindle and listen on Audible at the same time.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Amazon Echo- We use our Echo every day. It’s really crazy how this little gadget acts like a biz bestie with the little help it gives in helping with timers, reminders, and events.

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There is a running joke in many entrepreneur circles saying the journals and notebooks are aplenty but they aren’t full. Journalling is very personal and some people have graduated to an online format. If your gift idea for a female entrepreneur friend is to have a journal and some pens and stickers, then these are the best! My all-time favorite is the Erin Condren notebooks with the Frixon Pens!


Every small business owner needs tech! So if you think she might like it, or it’s a unique gift idea to enhance her technology.


There are many tablets on the market, and they can be invaluable tools for an entrepreneur. They are lightweight, are easy to access, and are almost computers. I know my iPad is used all the time and I use it almost as much as I use my computer.

iPad Case


Can we all agree that having more than one pair of earbuds is amazing!


Ask your girl boss friend about the lighting in her workspace. If it isn’t the best quality, definitely help her out with an upgrade! Grab this ring light for her that she can put on her phone or laptop to help with lighting. I’m a fan of this one because it’s small and fits in my purse or laptop bag. Not to mention it is great for social media posts.

Portable Charger

When my husband gave me this gift, I honestly thought it was one of the worst gifts. But it has been one of the things I use the most! Granted we use it as a family, more than I use it for business, but it has saved us!


A nice desk! This is a great gift for any entrepreneur who wants a stylish and functional desk. I love the adjustable desk, we got white with the drawer. My favorite is the ports in the front.

Coffee shop days

Sometimes creative entrepreneurs need a change in scenery so they work from various coffee shops. Having the tools to carry your office in a bag is great!

Work Tote

This is a great gift for any entrepreneur who needs a stylish and functional way to carry their laptop. I love my laptop backpack for busy days.

A tote bag- This is a great gift for any entrepreneur who needs a stylish and functional way to carry their work essentials. I love my Madewell Transport Tote.

Good Coffee and Mugs

Mugs with a positive message are entrepreneurs’ secret sauce, especially when they are working in the early morning on their own business.

If your business woman loves a good cup of coffee or a cup of herbal tea, you could consider getting them a year’s supply of their favorite.

Home Office Decor

Office Decor

Signs of encouragement to decorate their office is always fun. My favorite is one my friend made me. It’s similar to this one on Etsy.

You can add more personal touch to the gift by getting her something personalized or handmade on Etsy too.

Gift Card

Of course if you aren’t sure what kind of gifts for female entrepreneurs, I personally love Amazon gift cards.

Subscription box

If you really want to get a unique gift for female entrepreneurs, you could get her a subscription box. You could start with one like Stitch Fix and see how she likes it. Since it’s a monthly subscription box membership, you can purchase gift card on their website. I would love it if you used my referral link and click here. If you do I’ll get a little bonus to go shopping next month, thank you.

Another great idea that would be great stocking stuffers or maybe even Mother’s day are spa kits. Perfect for those long hours your favorite entrepreneur is probably putting in.

I hope you found this post about gifts for female entrepreneurs helpful! Don’t forget! Please be sure and pin this post for later!

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