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Some Favorite Productivity Planners from Amazon

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One of the best ways to maintain productivity is by writing things down. Using productivity planners will help you keep your thoughts organized, your schedule and your to-do list all in one place.

Thing is, regular to-do lists are pretty dull to write and look at.

Best Productivity Planners

If you need something more organized than a list on a scrap of paper, you need to buy a productivity planner. 

Here are the best productivity planners to help you through your day that we found on Amazon. They all have really good reviews. Of course we also have a shop that has our very own planner. You can take a look at the Complete Picture Planner on Etsy by clicking here.

Best Productivity Planners on Amazon

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner 

If you’re looking for a planner to keep yourself productive during your 9-5 working week, then check out this productivity planner by Intelligent Change.

Filled with 115 daily pages to complete, this planner encourages you to prioritize your tasks and achieve your goals by taking things one step at a time. 

By helping you understand what tasks are a top priority compared to the ones that are additional, this planner is proven to not only improve productivity, but also improve your mental wellbeing.

Once it’s all on a page to see, your day won’t seem so overwhelming. 

Plus, this planner is made from 100% recyclable materials, including a natural cotton cover and FSC certified paper. 


  • Daily pages – Encourages you to complete the pages once a day
  • Reduces stress – Highlights priority tasks compared to non-priority tasks
  • Eco-friendly – Made from recycled materials 


  • No weekends – Only suitable for Monday-Friday work

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KAICN Undated Weekly Planner 

If you’re not bothered about completing one page of a planner every day, then maybe you need a weekly planner.

Weekly planners help you to see the whole week ahead of you on two clear pages, which is ideal for those with particularly busy lifestyles or jobs. 

This planner is easy to use and laid out simply, which is ideal for organizing your week.

On the right-hand side, you can make notes according to the day (such as appointments or deadlines).

On the left, you can make a priority list of tasks, a to-do list (that doubles as a grocery list), and you can even track your mood and habits. 

This habit tracker is handy for helping you understand a trend in your procrastination. So, whenever you find yourself going on your phone, make a note of it. 

This planner is made of premium quality paper and features 52 pages, one for every week of the year. 


  • Weekly planner – Good for those who want to see their week in front of them
  • Long-lasting – Includes a page for every week of the year, as well as sections for weekends
  • Versatile – Suitable for work and busy lifestyles 


  • Covers – Covers aren’t as sturdy as other planners

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Clever Fox Planner PRO – Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

This Clever Fox Planner is designed to help you define both your short-term and long-term goals within a matter of pages.

While on the surface it just looks like a regular weekly planner, studies prove that regular completion of these pages will implement productivity and a clear, organized mindset in your real life. 

This is achieved through a series of pages and sections.

These range from a self-discovery section, a vision for your life area (for long-term goals), a big vision board, a place to make quarterly and monthly goals, and a monthly review after each month.

This is great for helping you understand what you’ve accomplished and your goals for the next month. 

Despite seeming structured, you can use these sections however you like.

They’ve also included dot grid pages at the back for notes and doodles (which is ideal for procrastinators!). 

In terms of aesthetics, this is a chunky planner that is available in a range of colors – and stickers are included. 


  • Short-term and long-term – Suitable for noting down goals of all lengths
  • Range of activities – Lots of sections to get your thoughts and goals onto paper
  • Monthly review – Round up each month with the review page to assess your progress


  • Thick – Lots of pages means this is a big planner 

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Legend Planner – Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

The key to being productive is being optimistic. One of the best ways to be optimistic is to hype yourself up and almost completely romanticize your life (almost to make it sound more interesting than it actually is) to trick yourself into getting excited about another day of productivity. 

Legend Planner achieves this by offering a handy 12-month weekly planner that encourages you to organize your days (both in and out of work thanks to the addition of weekends).

While it’s got all the classic planner bits – like to-do lists and main goals – it also includes sections where you can celebrate your wins for the week. 

Plus, the additional motivational quote on each page is a nice touch to help you manifest another positive and productive week ahead. 


  • Positive – Improves productivity through optimism
  • Long-lasting – One week for a whole year
  • Motivational – Optimistic quote for every week to make you smile


  • Lots of room – Some don’t appreciate the spare pages for creativity 

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BestSelf Co. 13-Week Self Journal

If you don’t need a planner for the year, consider getting a shorter one that only lasts a matter of weeks, like this 13-week planner. 

This BestSelf Co. planner is ideal for anyone who needs procrastination for short-term goals, such as completing a college project or committing to a fitness plan.

While it comes with structured pages and to-do lists, this planner can mostly be used in your own way. 

While the price is slightly high for a short-term planner, the quality is shown in its luxurious hardcover and thick premium-quality paper. 


  • Short-term goals – Suitable for fitness plans and deadlines 
  • Creative – Use in your own way or with structured sections
  • Quality – Made from premium-quality materials


  • Cost – More expensive than other planners

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Conclusion on Productivity Planners

So, there you have it! Planners are ideal for boosting productivity, reducing stress, and highlighting goals. Happy planning!

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