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Easy Way Cancel Subscribe and Save On Amazon

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We are going to show you how to cancel the Subscribe & Save on Amazon product subscription in easy steps to follow.

Subscribe & Save is free standard delivery on any subscription-based deliveries you have with Amazon. due to schedule deliveries on your subscribe and save the delivery day. 

One of the benefits of Subscribe & Save Is that eligible products can sometimes be discounted at Amazon Marketplace prices.

If it’s an item that you regularly need to top up, then this process makes life a lot easier.

For example, if you regularly drink coffee, you can get a top-up at a predetermined amount of time, or if you are a parent, you can get a regular supply of diapers straight to your door.

But what happens if you stop drinking coffee or the baby no longer needs diapers?

We know that subscription-based models can often be overwhelming to manage, and often we forget that we even have subscriptions, which means money is leaving our account without realizing two items we no longer need.

Here are our favorite way for canceling Subscribe & Save in a few easy steps.

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Subscribe & Save

Dog Treats
Energy Drink

How To View Your Ongoing Subscribe & Save Items

Head to Amazon and login to your account. At the top of the website, there will be an option to select your account by clicking ‘Hello, [your name], Account & Lists.’

In the drop-down menu that appears, you want to click ‘Your Subscribe & Save Items’ which can be located under the Your Account list.

This will bring up a list of all the subscriptions you are currently signed up for. It will feature:

  • The product
  • The details of the product, i.e. the size of the diaper
  • The pice
  • How often it is sent, i.e. monthly

If you notice that there is a subscription you want to amend, this is also now a good time to complete this.

Simply click on the little arrow next to the period of time in which that product is delivered and select from the menu how often you want to have this delivered.

How To Cancel Subscribe & Save on Amazon

Unlike a lot of the Amazon website navigation, this one is easy to locate, as all of your Subscribe & Save settings are located in one section.

Towards the top of the page, you will see the option ‘Deliveries’, ‘Subscription’, and ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Subscription’ and then navigate to the product you wish to cancel.

This will open a new window in which all of the product details are displayed.

In order to cancel the subscription, head towards the right-hand side of this window which will show a number of options.

From here, there are a number of options you can choose. You can change the schedule, update the [product options, i.e. the size of the diaper, select whether you need a delivery of the item right now, the order history of that product, or even switch to a different product.

This is useful to know as it means you won’t have to cancel orders, and re-subscribe if you simply wanted to make a small change. 

For our purposes in this article, we will be selecting ‘Cancel Subscription’.

On this pop-up, it will display how much you have saved on your subscription for this product, via Subscribe & Save, as well as give you the option to skip your next delivery if you simply wanted to delay the next order.

You’ll also receive a heads-up message explaining that by canceling, you will no longer receive the Subscribe & Save discount.

But if you’ve made it this far, you are fully aware of this and want to continue to cancel. You can then select your reason for canceling from the list provided.

The final step is to click the cancelation button and the order will no longer be a part of your Subscribe & Save plan.

A message will be indicated after you have made the decision to cancel, with confirmation that you will no longer receive that product.

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Final ideas on canceling subscribe and save on Amazon

Subscribe & Save Is a useful feature of Amazon and as the world moves toward a subscription-based model, it can save a lot of time and hassle to have the same product delivered at a consistent period of time.

However, we know that subscriptions can get out of hand,  and so learning how to quickly and efficiently cancel a subscription can be a time saver and can take the weight off of your shoulders.

Now that you know how to cancel subscribe and save, you can go forth with your Amazon purchasing without unnecessary worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Browse For Subscribe & Save Products?

In order to find items on Amazon that qualify for Subscribe & Save, you can browse the subscribe and save the store by heading to this link, or simply searching for your product by typing in the search bar on Amazon and proceed with the search term ‘Subscribe & Save’.

How Do I Change My Payment Method When Using Subscribe & Save?

You can find this option under your account settings in the subscribe and save items list.

simply go to the subscription for the item that you would like to change and click the edit button.

if you are on a mobile device then all you need to do is tap the subscription item.

Click the option to change payment, and then apply the new payment method to all of the subscriptions you wish to change for that delivery address. 

How Can You Save 15% With Repeat Deliveries?

You can save up to 15% when you receive 5 or more subscriptions to a single delivery address.

One thing to note is that some products do have different discount levels full stop in order to view the discount head to your account and then click Subscribe & Save items.

Can You Save Even More?

You can use Subscribe & Save vouchers to save extra on your first delivery.

One thing to know: these limited-time vouchers are stackable and the discount will be applied on top of your existing discounts.

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