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10 Business Ideas You Can Launch In one Day

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It’s a common dream among many of us to start our own business, but most people shrug it off as nothing more than a fantasy. It seems too difficult to start a business for yourself – but these ten business ideas you can launch in one day will get your thoughts moving.

10 Types Of Businesses You Can Launch In 1 Day

However, it might be easier than you think to start your own business. Thanks to the magical technological powers of the internet, you can launch a business in just one day! 

If you want to start your own business, but don’t know where to start, we have ten business options that you can start up within just 24 hours.

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Business ideas you can launch in one day

This quick list is just to help you get your thoughts moving. Most of them are service based businesses, which you may have most of the tools you already may need to launch your business in a day.


If you have a skill that many people are willing to pay for to use within their own business, such as graphic design, writing, or editing, then you should consider setting up a freelancing business of your own.

There are many online communities where you can post an ad for yourself and start receiving bids from potential clients, such as UpWork or Freelance. 

I personally have been a freelancer for years and I find it to be my favorite part of my business.

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While cooking can be fun for many, others don’t enjoy it – especially when there are a lot of guests to cater for. So, when there is a big party to organize, many people turn to professional catering services. 

If you can cook and want to share your passion with others, a catering business could be the one for you. Start with building a simple website telling potential customers your services, dish examples, and prices.

Then you can sign up to an online community, such as Thumbtack, so that clients will get sent directly to your website.

Launch an Online Store in one day

Online shopping is becoming more popular every single year, so it makes sense for business owners to sell their products online rather than in store.

As you’ll be a new business owner, the online shopping phenomenon is a good advantage. 

Simply create an ecommerce store – you will need to pay for the domain name, host website, and payment processor.

This might sound like more than you were hoping to pay, but bear in mind that you’ll be saving money that you would have had to pay on rent and utility bills for a physical store!

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Tutoring business in a day

There is always a need for tutors, and there will always be struggling students in need of guidance in a subject that you specialize in.

If you know of a subject that you feel comfortable tutoring others in, mock up some flyers and posters, and distribute them around the local schools and colleges. 

You can also post an ad on WyzAnt, which is an online community that brings tutors and students together. 

Bookkeeping business

No matter what happens in the world, there will always be a need for bookkeeping services. So, if you want a job that can withstand whatever life throws at you, this is a very dependable option.

Website Development Service Business.

Create a website offering your bookkeeping and accounting services and email a load of businesses offering your services. Once you have a loyal client base, your business will be strong and reliable for years to come. 

As you can see from our suggestions so far, websites are very important when it comes to businesses. So, if you are talented at making them, then why not launch a business to make them for others?

You don’t even need a relevant education for this business, as long as you can make great looking websites! Advertise on Sortfolio to get your name out there and clients coming in. 

Garden Maintenance

Gardening is a great market to get into if you don’t mind some manual labor for big bucks. Most people don’t want to spend their free time working on their garden, so they’ll pay you to do it!

This is also a good business to get loyal customers as they’ll want you to keep coming back. Add in seasonal extras, such as snow shoveling, to ensure business all year round.

Photography and UGC Business

If you have an eye for photography, then you can start up your own business within just one day.

Take some shots on a professional-quality camera – whether that be portraits, landscape, or lifestyle shots – and turn them into an online portfolio.

Then share your portfolio everywhere you can think of to catch the eye of potential customers. Check out my Amazon Store Front video list to help you get started!

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Everyone needs a consultant – whether they’re a business mogul or an artist. If you like helping others out, and are good at problem solving, then this could be the business for you to launch today.

Make a CV full of your skills and passions, and experience if you have any, and start selling your services. Again, this is a great business opportunity to earn loyal clients. 

Car Maintenance

If none of the above sound interesting to you, then why not get into car maintenance?

Much like gardening maintenance, no one wants to spend their precious time off cleaning their car. So, they’ll be willing to pay you for the pleasure.

Start by cleaning your friends and family’s cars for free, taking pictures of what a great job you did, and uploading them to an online website.

This will work as your portfolio, so make sure that the pictures are high quality and up close of the car’s details. 

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Final thoughts on business you can start in one day

There we have it – ten types of business that you can launch in a single day. You don’t have to spend weeks or months planning a new business venture – sometimes the best thing to do is just go for it!

Make a website, show off your talents, and wait for clients to pick you up.

Marketing your talents and website, you can use word of mouth to get more clients interested in your business. Utilize social media and ask people to share your website so that it reaches more people. 

To ensure that your business is a success, make sure that you have relevant experience within the field so that you can show it to clients before they work with you.

People are much more likely to choose you as their consultant if you have prior knowledge of it! Good luck. 

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