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My Favorite Blogging Resources

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Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used. If you have any questions about them, contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions!

In March 2018,  I will have been blogging for a year. I say March because that is when I started Elite Blog Academy. This course helped me figure out all things Blogging. I would say it is the foundation I have built my blog on. This post is designed to share all my favorite blogging resources in one place.

Since starting a blog, I have taken some really good courses and I use some really awesome tools.

I thought I would put them all in one place so you can reference them.


I have hosting with Bluehost. They have been helpful and even helped me when I locked myself out of my own blog. (Face palm!)


Elite Blog Academy
This course is amazing. It helped set the foundation of my blog. It is 4 modules long and I went through every single assignment in the course. The course is only open once a year, and I HIGHLY recommend you get on the waiting list! Especially if you want to take your blog to the next level and make it a business. This is the course that will help you fill in the gaps and take your blog from hobby to business. Again, get on the waiting list by clicking here!


I have taken 2 classes on Pinterest. They are good in different ways.

Pinning Perfect
This course is awesome! It has videos, it has action steps, and it has a great helpful Facebook group. This course taught me how to make an image that will be clickable. It taught me how to make round up posts and it taught me a boatload about holiday content!

Pinteresting Strategies
This course is amazing! It teaches you all about pinning manually. It is so good. I have used Carly’s technique and I am having an increase in traffic!

I recommend both these courses because I use both their content simultaneously.

Content Creation

Elite Blog Academy
EBA started me on my content creation journey. It has a whole unit designated just to content creation. Again, get on the waiting list here!

The Complete Course of Sticky Blogging
Despite taking EBA, I felt like my content still needed a little help. That’s when I found Kelly’s course. This course helped me take my blog writing to the next level. Kelly is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her class. She only opens her course a couple times a year. I will let you know when her course is open next! Join my email newsletter to get the 411!

Sticky SEO
I am currently working my way through this course. It is Kelly’s course for SEO. I decided to take this class for 2 reasons. 1. I am familiar with Kelly’s teaching style. 2. I already new her course The Complete Course of Sticky Blogging has helped me. Kelly’s background in online marketing I figured she had to know a thing or 2 about SEO. 

Email and Schedulars

When I do use a scheduler I like Tailwind. I like to be able to pick which pins I’m pinning at which time. It can be very time consuming, but I have found that I like how I can schedule a whole month out.

This is my email service. I love them! It is so easy to use. I imported my contacts from my previous service and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Oh! I forgot to mention, they have stellar customer service!

This is just a quick list of my favorites. I have more and I will update as I learn more.

Updated: 1/22/2018

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