April 2018 Blog Progress Report

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Wow! April! Wow! That is how I felt when I woke up this morning and checked my analytics for my blog progress report. I’m sitting here thinking that my little blog is being read by thousands of people! Which means I am able to help people with their finances and their health!

A year ago when I started Elite Blog Academy, I only hoped I would be able to do what I am doing right here, right now. Blogging. I can honestly say I am a blogger.

It started early in the year between January and February where I had the mental shift and I became a blogger. Not just a wannabe blogger, but a ful fledge blogger.

You can read about that shift in my March Progress report here.

Why Blog Progress Reports

Let’s talk about why I post these reports and then we’ll get on with the good stuff!

  • I post these reports for myself. So I can reflect and see how my blog is growing.
  • I post them for the new blogger who is trying to figure out how to grow their blog.
  • I post them for the Mom who is wondering if she can start a blog and make money.
  • I post them to inspire people to think outside of the 9-5 traditional job and think about earning an income a different way.

The reports not only help me, but they encourage and inspire others to think about starting their own blogs. If you are wondering if you could be a blogger, my answer to that question, um yes! You can be a blogger too. It just takes work, dedication, and willpower. If you have all those things then you can do anything!

Slow beginnings

My income reports show not only what I did in little snapshots, but they also show some of my struggles. Like starting Elite Blog Academy (EBA) a year ago and just now getting traffic and a small income. Here is why that happened.

If you haven’t heard of Elite Blog Academy, it is an incredible course that teaches you how to make your blog into a business. I have taken several courses over the last year and there is nothing that teaches you completely how to take your blog from hobby to business. It is a COMPLETE course, the full package per se. I recommend you get on the waiting list because they only open their doors once a year. 

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Even though I started EBA a year ago, I was so overwhelmed by all the things that blogging has. Yes, I was able to set up my theme (which took me seriously 2 months and 2 bottles of wine and countless hours of tears) and I get hosting and all that put into place, but I had so much to learn! I didn’t have a clue what a plugin was or a widget and why I needed them.

New Year New Perspective

So I was learning. I am the type of learner where I consume the information, I take it all in and then I put it to work. I did publish some posts in 2017, about 31, but I could have published a whole lot more. But life happened and I just couldn’t write and learn. For some reason, I struggled with my niche and I continued to write.

Until January when I had an epiphany and I realized what my niche was and who I was supposed to help. THAT was the moment where my blog gained direction and I knew what I was supposed to do.

Since then my blogging journey has been at full speed ahead and you can see the momentum is building.

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So let’s talk about April! I am SO EXCITED I can barely keep my fingers going as fast as my thoughts!


April was my biggest month for pageviews! I ended April with 8559 pageviews. I had my best ever blogging day with pageviews of 1474, just shy of 1500. That day was so energizing and all I could do was think about what I wanted to write that week to keep the momentum going.

I have several thoughts about why my pageviews increased so much in April.

  1. My Pinterest strategy. I am using Boardbooster and Tailwind together. I use Tailwind to pin my pins to my niche boards and I use Boardbooster to pin to group boards. While the schedulers are pinning my pins, I use manual pinning throughout the day and pin third-party content to my boards.
  2. Pinterest changes. I think the latest Pinterest changes have really helped my blog posts take off. I am seeing traction on brand new content within 5 days of posting it. Whereas before I wouldn’t see traction on a new post until it was weeks, sometimes months old.
  3. I have been focusing on writing more content.


In the month of April, I only published 5 new posts. I updated 1 old post and I created a recommendation page. The recommendation page is for all the things I recommend for weight loss and exercise. I use the items in my own life so I feel like they do have value. You can check it out by clicking the picture below!

Since creating this page, my Amazon purchases have increased! I am so excited about that and I hope that next month they increase even more!!!


My email list only increased by 3 for the month of April. Considering my pageviews are increasing, I really should start to focus on my email list. Which is on my goals for May.


AdSense: $46.60
Amazon Affiliates: $3.37

Total: $49.97

I’m pretty excited about this report! Since I turned off my ads in February and didn’t have them on in March. I put it on my to-do list to happen the first week of April. When I originally signed up for AdSense you could only put 3 ads per page and you had to insert the code yourself. It was rather tedious work and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

To my surprise, they had auto-ads so I went through the quick tutorial and within 20 minutes I had auto ads working on my blog! It was so easy and on top of that, my ad income has gone up every single day. The day when my pageviews were almost at 1500, I earned $20! Whhaaat?!

So if you are a new blogger, use auto ads. You never know what will happen! A word to the wise when using Google AdSense, don’t click on your own ads and tell your friends and family not to click on the ads either. Google will turn your ads off and you don’t want that to happen!


Pageviews: 8559

Income: $49.97

Email: 3

New Posts: 5

Goals for May

As I reflect on April, there are 2 things that are glaring at me. How many new posts and how many email subscribers I had.

I have decided I am going to focus on posting 2 times a week, with the hope of more.

I am also going to be working hard on my opt-ins. Kara Fidd of Simplifying DIY Design has templates that I am utilizing for my opt-ins. She has a Free 3-day Challenge that will help you learn how to design in Canva. I took the course and learned so much! I recommend you sign up for the FREE 3 Day Challenge right now!

My thoughts are with increased new content and better-looking opt-ins that will help increase my email subscriptions.

My last thought that I would like to increase in May is affiliate marketing. Right now the income I earn from affiliate marketing is next to zero. I would love to see it increase and match my ad income.

So that is April and my quick look forward at May. Are you as excited as I am about my pageviews increasing and my ad revenue increasing so much! Considering everything I have learned, I am over the moon with joy and happiness with my blog. I can’t wait to see what happens in May!

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