An Honest review of The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit

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As a blogger and a fairly new blogger, blogging for less than a year, I have always struggled with the graphic design of my blog. That is until I purchased The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit last week.

The design element and creativity of creating images and pinnable images that will draw people to want to click through to my site, has been a struggle. I mean it was the last thing I did for a blog post and it would take me all day to do it. I mean I HATED creating images.

Even my husband has commented on how bad my graphics are.

The struggle is real and I have said from the very beginning that I will offload graphic design as soon as I am able so that I can focus on writing content.


Then, I was introduced to my friend Kara Fidd at Simplifying DIY Design. Kara’s blog is designed to help the blogger who doesn’t have design skills. (That’s me! Waving my hand like a lunatic.)


When you join her mailing list you can get access to her free resource library where she has tons of templates for bloggers. She has worksheets, lead magnet, and Pinterest templates that you can use for free in Canva.


Not only does she have these awesome free resources, she also created THE BEST toolkit a blogger could ask for!

The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit is amazing! It has over 200 templates to help a blogger take their website from looking blah to looking amazing! She has templates for social media, creating freebies, creating a logo and your about page and to help with your email.


  • Blog templates: All the templates you need to optimize your site and bring your blog to life
  • Social media templates: Ads, covers, headers, promotions, and more. Gotya covered.
  • Lead magnet templates: Start growing that list once and for all (and nurturing them too)
  • Monetization: Start making money. Seriously. Tripwires, products, courses– I’ve got it designed for you. Plug in your content and start making money!
  • Video tutorials: Step by step tutorials for each template to walk you through everything you need to know about making these work for your site.
  • The Guide: Sure you’ve got the templates, but what about the strategy? Got that covered too.

I’m telling you this toolkit is amazing! Just look at the images in this post alone! I used her templates from The Complete Blogger’s Template Toolkit. Click here to check out The Complete Blogger’s Template Toolkit.

Kara has given my readers a special 10% discount. Just enter the code: STICKYNOTE

Feel free to go and look at my older posts! You can see how my old posts don’t have the best pictures. But NOW! My images are something I am proud of!

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The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit is for:

The blogger who struggles with graphic design.
The blogger who needs fresh ideas for design.
The new blogger who just needs help.
The seasoned blogger who doesn’t want to pay a graphic designer.

On top of all the templates, she has also created video tutorials to help you understand how to adjust the templates in Canva. On top of that, you can just use the free version of Canva with these templates. You don’t have to pay for the monthly subscription with Canva.

I’m telling you this is the best toolkit you can buy and it’s fairly inexpensive considering everything you get for it.


OH, when you go to the info page be sure and click and watch the promo video! It will show you quickly everything you will get with the toolkit.


I am really impressed with how much Kara has put into this toolkit. When she told me the price she was selling it for, I told her she should charge more for the product.


I am so glad I bought this toolkit. I was planning on purchasing it, but now that I have it I can’t wait to create more so I can have her pretty images on my website!

Another thing, I can’t stop talking about the toolkit! My husband finally stopped long enough to look at the templates and he was so glad I had purchased the toolkit. He even said this would HELP my blog. 


If you still have questions, and you aren’t sure this is for you, no sweat! Be sure to click through and get Kara’s FREE training! You can always come back and get The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit once you realize you have made a terrible, horrible, no good, mistake and should have bought it, to begin with. 😉

Don’t forget! Kara has given my readers a special 10% discount. Just enter the code: STICKYNOTE


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