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Absolutely the best swimsuit for Tween Boys

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It’s happening right before my eyes. My little boys are turning into young men and with that is body changes and smells I am really not prepared for. One of the body changes has to do with the way clothes fit, specifically swimsuits and the lining within them. I went on a search for the best swimsuit for tween boys.

As a woman, I dread swimsuit shopping. I know that it is going to be a frustrating experience and I am going to leave the store sad and angry. So when my son told me he had an issue with his swimsuit I became really anxious and I knew I had to help him.

My son has expressed to me how uncomfortable swimsuits with the mesh lining are. He says they rub in all the wrong places. And if there is sand, it’s even worse. At least that is what he tells me.

Since we live in Florida now and swimming and the beach is part of our regular lives all year, I had to find an answer to my sons’ problem. That’s when I found boardshorts.

The best swimsuit for tween boys

Boardshorts are amazing because they don’t have a mesh lining (usually). It is my understanding that this mesh lining is what rubs in all the wrong places and makes swimsuits so uncomfortable. So getting these without a lining is HUGE!

They are designed for movement and they look so good on (yes, this is my personal opinion).

On top of that, they dry super fast. Boardshorts were originally made for surfers and they were designed to dry super fast.

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Our Favorite Boardshorts

The list below is the 3 that I go to regularly. I order them from Amazon because who doesn’t love Amazon?!

The Quicksilver shorts

These were the first ones I tried. When I gave them to my son to try on he was SO HAPPY! He said they were really comfortable and that he loved them. Having tried board shorts, my son asked for more and I happily ordered another pair.

Billabong was our next choice. They were a little more expensive but my kid loved them.

Billabong Boys’ Classic Stripe Boardshort

The last ones we tried were Hurley. They seemed to fit just like the others.

Hurley Big Boys’ One and Only Boardshort-Neon Green

Here are other options

Since I started ordering boardshorts from Amazon, they have recommended we try some other boardshorts. I haven’t tried any of these, yet. But I have read the reviews and these are on my list to try too.

Kanu Surf Boys’ Reflection Quick Dry Beach Swim Trunk

For some reason, the picture isn’t pulling from Amazon, but you can click and see them on Amazon.

I’m sure as my son matures we will experiment more and find his absolute favorite. For now, this is our small list of best swimsuits for tween boys.


My son loves boardshorts now. He doesn’t want me to get him anything else. As a Mom, I am so thankful I found something that works for him. I am relieved and thankful.

If you have a boy, I highly recommend these boardshorts. Your boy will thank you even before he knows there is an issue.

If you do decide to try one of the recommendations, let me know! I would love to hear from you!

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