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16 Awesome No-Tech Gift Guide for Boys under $20

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I Love the holidays. Decorating the tree, hanging the stockings and shopping for the perfect gift for my people. Though my family is pretty plugged in, having a no-tech gift theme for the holiday gifts was something my husband and I thought was genius.

This no-tech gift guide will give you some inspiration of what you can tuck into those stockings. For me, filling those stockings with something other than candy is one of my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I do think the stockings should have a little candy, but I also think they should have something that they can enjoy and play with that isn’t a game console.

This is a quick list of some no-tech gift items I plan on picking up for my Boys who are 9 and 11.


LetzTalk Conversation Starter and Question Cards – Builds Self-Esteem and Confidence – Ages 9-12

If you are a Mom of boys you know how challenging it is to get them to share what happened in their day. I am a HUGE fan of these cards. They have simple thought-provoking questions that allow me a glimpse into how they think.


Melissa & Doug On the Go Origami Animals Craft Activity Set – 38 Stickers, 40 Origami Papers

I have 1 boy who loves folding paper. This is perfect for on the go. It will give him ideas on new things he can make.




The following are puzzles that are fairly small. The IQ puzzles that we have already, I ADORE them. My kids bring them to restaurants and on car trips and sit and figure out the puzzle instead of playing on a device. They will play them in the car or while waiting in the pickup line at school. They come in a little carrying case that is needed for the puzzle to work so the pieces stay together.

IQ Fit



SmartGames IQ Stars



Who doesn’t love a Rubik’s cube? The puzzle keeps them busy for hours even after they watch the YouTube video on how to solve it.


Thought-Provoking No-Tech Gifts

Mad Libs! They are great no-tech gift because they have such a low price tag. I’m planning on getting the Avenger’s and the Star Wars ones for my boys.

Marvel’s Avengers Mad Libs



Peanuts Mad Libs



Rory’s Story Cubes

A couple months ago we got 1 story dice from a Chic-Fil-A kids meal. While we were at CFA my kids and I created a whole story with that 1 die. It was fun, and we giggled through the whole thing.



I honestly am in love with these question cards. I even stick them in their lunches so they can ask their friends something new too. Learning to create conversation is a gift and sometimes we need help doing that. Even I need help creating conversations.

I really prefer the smaller deck to the big deck because then I can get different topics the kids might react to. Plus if I put a card in the lunch and don’t get it back, I don’t feel so sad.

TableTopics TG-0210-A To Go Kids



Empowering Questions Cards 

 This set of topics is all about positive thinking and dream casting. I like to help my kids think outside the box so they realize they don’t have to just follow a path because that’s how it’s always been done.



Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

This is scavenger hunt for a car ride. Since we will be taking a roadtrip during the holiday break I thought this was a perfect little Christmas gift. I also picked up some car bingo cards. I’ll share my link to them, but I didn’t think they were for stocking stuffers.




Ornaments. I love the sentimental value behind the ornaments. I give them an ornament every year. My plan is that when they move out I will pack up their ornaments and give them to them to decorate their own tree.



 Comics. My kids are in love with comics. They started reading them when I struggled to get them to read. Since then they beg me to bring them home.



No-Tech Gifts- Toys

LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

Lego’s. The ultimate no-tech gift for boys!




Pokemon TCG: 3 Booster Packs

Pokemon cards. I don’t understand this phenomenon but I do know the kids love them. Do you get it?


These little ripper tops make my kids so happy. They have battles and love playing with them. I don’t mind purchasing a new one every once in a while.



My kids took a look at the list and they actually agreed with these choices. They had me add the Pokemon Cards and Beyblades. I would love to know what your no-tech gifts are! Leave me a comment below or send me an email by joining my email list. I can’t wait to hear what others are getting their kids! I also hope you have a very happy and wonderful holiday season.

Make your Holiday shopping easier with this no-tech gift guide. No-Tech Gift Guide all under $20 will help you shop for your boys ages 9-12. #gifts #christmas #boys

Holiday shopping made easy with this no-tech gift guide. Gift Guide for Boys ages 9-12 all no-tech gifts under $20. #notechgifts #christmas #gifts

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